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For more than 20 years, the company "Briz 95" in Sevlievo has been offering 50 models of fountains, and each one of them can be seen in some corner of Bulgaria. This fact is not accidental, because in addition to being a pioneer in this branch in our country, the company has relied on a production technology unusual for modern machine production. Every item on the market is handcrafted. Not machines and devices, but people with experience and training who do not just work in workshops, but create every day. They pour the forms, choose their dyes, give them beauty, until each product acquires that finished look in which it can be shown to the customer without worry. The production technology and the coloring technique are subordinated to one goal - obtaining a quality and durable final product that can withstand atmospheric conditions for a long time.

All fountains of the company are made of concrete, with additives for frost resistance and water permeability, which ensure their long-term problem-free wintering outdoors. And although the name of the material from which they are made evokes associations of roughness, the fountains impress with a beauty that seems to have frozen in the concrete firm.

Large fountains – worthy of any public space

Фонтани големи – достойни  за всяко обществено пространство

Fountains with an outer diameter of five meters and a height of more than two meters are the largest produced by "Briz 95" Ltd. These fountains can fit properly into any public space - a square, a roundabout, a park or a green area. In addition to the constantly falling water from the top of their central figure, these fountains can have an additional lighting effect - the underwater lamps placed in their water mirrors. Like all other Breeze 95 fountains, these use the same circulating water, which is driven by a pump. With the cool freshness that radiates from the water and its unique voice, the fountain, like a true jewel, beautifies and enlivens any public space.

Medium-sized fountains, without a water mirror - suitable for any yard

Фонтани средна големина, без водно огледало - подходящи за всеки двор

Constructed on two or three levels, they are suitable for any larger yard - their height is up to 220 cm, and the diameter - from 90 to 120 cm. They create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Constantly flowing water saturates the space with freshness and evokes a feeling of cleanliness - what more could be asked for the atmosphere in the backyard? In addition - you can choose a color that suits the already formed color range in the garden.

Fountains miniature, but fountains

Фонтани миниатюрни, ала фонтани

They do not fit into the usual idea of a fountain, but they are fountains - they have non-stop falling water and emit the same unique sound as a water roar, although quieter due to their size. However, they add finishing touches to yards that are small in size and do not allow for the installation of larger fountains.

Cascade fountain


Although "Briz 95" Ltd. mainly offers the classic type of fountains, three years ago it developed a new one - a cascade fountain. It combines in one the freshness of the water, the beauty of the flowers and the green of the trees. The cascade fountain is made of 21 hexagons and is 160 cm high, 420 cm long, 240 cm wide. By overlapping the elements, different levels are provided from which the water falls and rotates continuously. Symmetrically, on three sides, the delicate flowers of water lilies bloom, and between the hexagons, sheltering the water flowers as if in a miniature lake, evergreen thuja are planted.

An advantage of the cascade fountain over the traditional fountain is that the individual elements can be combined in terms of number and placement and thus achieve a different shape, height, width and length. If the terrain for such a facility is limited, it can be "shrunk" by reducing the number of hexagons. The final decision is a matter of available terrain, human imagination and preference.

In today's hectic everyday life, the modern man does not even think when he sees a fountain that he has been his companion since the beginning of mankind. The first fountains were created in ancient Rome (8th-7th century BC). The famous practicality of the ancient Romans is evident from the fact that initially fountains were used as sources of water. Only later does practicality fall away to give way to the aesthetic need for beauty and comfort of the surrounding space. Unfortunately, given the huge time difference, preserved examples have not reached our time, but written sources testify that the ancients had a refined taste and a high artistic criterion for the layout of the environment they inhabited. It is even more impressive that the people who lived centuries before us tirelessly searched for ways to improve and "beautify" the fountains. In the beginning, they relied only on water flow draining by gravity. Although much later, man found a way to "complicate" fountains - today everyone has experienced the unique feeling that arises from the sight of a fountain that throws high jets of water upwards, and as it falls, it sings... Well, let's already know , that just as we now enjoy the coolness that fountains spray on summer days, the first organized human societies enjoyed them in the same way.